Developmental/content editing

What clients say:

What I love about working with Mariëlle on my project (a novel) is that she understands where you want to go with it. She has the ability to immerse herself in your work and treat it as she would her own work—with respect and enthusiasm—while she doesn’t shrink back to ask all the right questions and give clear and constructive feedback. She really joins you on your way to the final version that you envision for yourself.

A developmental or content edit is

a substantive edit that helps you develop every single aspect of your manuscript. For fiction, this includes plot, characters, structure, pace, voice, audience, and setting. For nonfiction, this includes outline, arguments, examples, structure, pace, voice, and audience. It points out larger issues and zooms in on every little detail. As such, a developmental edit can feel overwhelming, but it is the best way to make sure you are telling the best possible version of your text or story. Developmental editing is also not merely about telling you where you need to improve; I will point out what you are doing right as well.

Editing options

Full developmental edit

A full developmental edit will get you two separate documents. The first document will contain my overall assessment and advice on the manuscript as a whole, including strengths and weaknesses. You can find an example of such an assessment letter for a work of fiction here. The second document will contain your manuscript including extensive comments, suggestions, and track changes on all aspects of your work.

Book critique

A full book critique will get you an overall assessment of the abovementioned aspects and the manuscript as a whole, as well as advice on how to improve these aspects. If you want to know whether you are writing a promising text or story, a book critique is the way to go in that it is really the first step in the editing process.

Lite book critique

A lite book critique is the budget version of a full book critique. Instead of looking at your full manuscript, I provide feedback on your outline and the first 10,000 words by writing a one to two-page critique in which I outline my initial impressions and how the text or story could be developed.

Please note: although a full developmental edit will pick up on some language issues, none of the options include copy/line editing.

Academic editing

Are you an academic researcher and looking for a content edit? I offer academic editing here.


All rates are based on the amount of work required and the time available to complete the project. If you would like to know more or receive a price quote, please email me at

If you would like to work with me

  1. Please send me an email at with your name, the title and genre of your work, the word count, and when you prefer the work to be completed. Please include any relevant information such as specific areas in which you would like feedback. It is preferable that you also include the work itself as an attachment (Word or PDF; I prefer Word) so that I can make sure I am able to help you.
  2. After I receive your email and take a peek at your work, I will reply with a price quote and an estimate of how long the project will take me.
  3. If you are happy with my offer, please send your work if you have not already done so and let me know how you would prefer to pay.
  4. I will send you a PayPal invoice or an invoice with details on how to make a direct deposit into my bank account. Once payment has cleared, I will begin working on the project.

Please note: by agreeing to the quote and paying the invoice, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions.