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Mariëlle worked on my PhD dissertation and she was just the perfect language editor. She’s meticulous in her corrections as much as respectful of the text and its author. She pays extreme attention to details while at the same time taking great care of the meaning that I, as author, wanted to convey. So, her perfectionism was never imposed on the text at the expense of its nuances. The fact that she is entirely familiar with my field of academic research (gender studies, postcolonial studies, critical theory) certainly helped, together with her ethics and expertise as editor. Thanks for your work!

Gianmaria Colpani, Italy [academic editing]

I wholeheartedly recommend M.S. Wordsmith. It’s not just that Mariëlle provides good and efficient editing within the academic sphere. I find it particularly pleasant that she is respectful in regards to the texts, and the thoughts and desires of her customers. She’s able to be empathetic and deliver relevant critical comments at the same time.

Yolanda van Tilborgh, the Netherlands [academic editing]

I am also very much indebted to Mariëlle Smith, who edited the entire manuscript (except for this paragraph!) in the space of a few weeks. The quality of the English prose has been significantly enhanced through her meticulous work. Furthermore, as a native Dutch speaker, she found many great solutions for translations of my respondents’ often idiosyncratic phrasing.

Marcel van den Haak, the Netherlands, in the Acknowledgements section of his dissertation [academic editing]

I worked with M.S. Wordsmith in 2015, when finishing my Master Thesis at the University of Utrecht. As English is not my native language, my supervisors recommended me to work with an editor in order to polish my language. Thanks to friends at the University, I got Mariëlle Smith’s contact details. Apart from her great feedback and constructive corrections during my final phase of thesis writing, I am extremely grateful for her positive, attentive attitude, which I urgently needed in this phase. Her feedback was direct, incredibly fast, and perfect at the same time. I particularly appreciated her attention to my mixture of German and English. Working with M.S. Wordsmith was different than working with other editors. Mariëlle gave me the impression that she cared about me, my work, and the authenticity of my language. Thank you!

Barbara Grabher, Germany [academic editing]

Mariëlle is very quick and accurate in checking academic work. Although she, at first, was only going to do a spelling check, Mariëlle also looked at the structure of my thesis and, where necessary, gave feedback on the content from a scientific perspective. When writing your own thesis, sooner or later you have to deal with the ‘tunnel vision’ syndrome. Mariëlle, from her own perspective, has provided a fresh look on my own written work. Her constructive criticism gave me new insights, and she always explained why her small improvements to my work were relevant and would add value. Mariëlle’s scientific insights and knowledge are a quality that helped me enormously to reach a good end result.

Jeroen Walraven, the Netherlands [academic editing]



Marielle worked fast and her language editing was thorough and careful. Her knowledge of my academic field (gender studies) was an added benefit, as she was able to spot the misspelling of an author’s name. I really appreciate that, next to correcting mistakes in the text itself, she provided an overview of repeated spelling mistakes and explained the rules behind them. This approach allows you to actually ‘learn from your mistakes’ and hopefully avoid them in the future.

Katrine Smiet, the Netherlands [academic editing]