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Mariëlle delivered a full developmental edit on my cozy mystery MURDER ON LOAN this past winter. When I sent it to her, I knew it had problems— there were places in the manuscript that didn’t work. I probably could have fiddled with it by myself for another year, but I’d have lost a year and still not articulated the problems as well as Mariëlle did. Her evaluation clarified my next steps, and it helped me understand why some things weren’t working in the novel. She asked thoughtful questions throughout the manuscript which guided my revisions. I have been overwhelmed in revision in the past, but this time, in just a few months of revision I am almost finished with a third draft and moving forward in the process much faster than ever before. I am so thankful to have found a strong, responsive, and invaluable developmental editor in Mariëlle. I will definitely be hiring her again.

Sue Larkins Weems, the United States [developmental editing]

What is the top priority of a relationship between myself, the author, and my editor? Everything! Marielle is the perfect editor for me. She knows her craft. My three book series needed help in the story structure. Marielle did the developmental edit for each book and for the series overall. Her suggestions have been spot on. She has helped tighten my story and how I tell it by keeping me on track and consistent in my voice. Good job there, thanks!
Her communication has been outstanding. She’s always been timely and quick to answer any of my questions. Just as important to me is her sense of humor. She understands.
One of my original concerns was my writing in American English and Marielle is in the Netherlands. No worries, she is proficient – way ahead of me. All in all, I’m a very happy camper. I look forward to a long relationship with her in my camp and hoping she’ll stay with me through my writing career.

Randy L. Scott, the United States [developmental editing]

Plot holes are a thing of the past when I work with Mariëlle. She edited my book Murder in Triangle City and I hired her for the entire subsequent trilogy, that’s how good her eye for story is. She is my company’s only developmental editor and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my books.

Ric Beard, the United States [developmental editing]

What I love about working with Mariëlle on my project (a novel) is that she understands where you want to go with it. She has the ability to immerse herself in your work and treat it as she would her own work—with respect and enthusiasm—while she doesn’t shrink back to ask all the right questions and give clear and constructive feedback. She really joins you on your way to the final version that you envision for yourself.

Kathelijne Schoonackers, the Netherlands, [mentoring & developmental editing]

Working with Mariëlle is like making your way along a path in the dark and suddenly being handed a light. Obstacles, road blocks, and pitfalls that were lying ahead and waiting to trip you up are illuminated. More importantly, all the possible ways to overcome them, as well as new and exciting paths you wouldn’t otherwise have seen also become visible. She doesn’t tell you what to write; she asks the right questions to get you to figure out what your story needs and how to go about it. She’s also helped me work out a writing schedule personally tailored to my needs and held me accountable—exactly what I needed. Working with Mariëlle motivates me and gets me excited to write.

Michelle Anne Laurie, United Kingdom [mentoring & developmental editing]