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I write blogs for my own website and, at first, I had no idea how to put the information I had in my head on the page in a coherent way. Mariëlle really helped me with finding my own style, and structuring and putting together a story, whether it was personal or informative. In the meantime, I have started to write articles for magazines, so you could say I found my voice!

Denise de With, the Netherlands [critiquing]

Mariëlle Smith is an incredibly fine and clear translator. She reads up on the topic well, and is therefore greatly connected to the material. She tunes in to the author in a very considerate way. When she encounters something in the text that is not entirely clear, she will reach out via e-mail. In that, she is very concrete and elaborates on the different options for translation. As such, it is easy for the author to relate to the text and reach the correct translation. She works smoothly and accurately and is not afraid to be corrected. She is great in thinking along, and come up with new, inspiring suggestions in the event of alterations. Her use of language is beautiful. Very well recommended!

Frouk Riemersma, the Netherlands [translating]