Akashic Creative Coaching testimonials

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I recently had an Akashic Records reading with Mariëlle because I have been facing a major block in my career for far too many years. I love the way Mariëlle does her readings and, while she was in my Records, I had a refreshing and restorative meditation. Her report afterwards was illuminating to say the least, and made so much sense. I am a Reiki master and yet I didn’t understand that was where my difficulties came from. I’m very grateful that she didn’t leave me there, but gave me some resources and suggestions to move forward and get rid of this block for good.

After doing the work she suggested and further background work, I can now feel how I’m supposed to feel and energy in my life is now flowing again. What price can I put on freeing myself and my life up to now achieve my dreams without the struggle and battle it has been while getting nowhere? Mariëlle has a real gift and she’s a safe and trustworthy choice to access your records for you. If you’re not sure if a reading is for you, trust me, it is. At the very least it’s fascinating, but for me it’s been life-changing.

Karen Guyler

Thank you, Mariëlle, for your insightful reading. I found it to be self affirming and reassuring.

Mariëlle has a unique gift. Her readings are warm and I found myself being able to reflect on so many questions I have about my life, especially after going through a period of monumental change.

I will definitely be enjoying more readings and exploration with Mariëlle. Thank you.

Katie Barrow

When I started, I was hesitant, as I had never made such an investment in myself. I wasn’t sure it would be worth it, but now I can confidently say, it is absolutely worth the time and money to work with Mariëlle.

After 3 months of talking to her weekly about my stories, writing process and struggles that trying to be an author entail, I know that I can definitely do the work. After all, I managed to finish my WIP during my time with her! I’m actually having withdrawal symptoms from not working with her…

The attention she puts in when asking you how you feel and how things are going, show she really cares and tries to find what works for you, specifically. She adapts to your needs and adjusts accordingly.

Mariëlle’s energy is amazing and the way she helps you see and understand things differently to make your story work, are so useful. I have learned so much, not just about my stories and characters, but about myself! Also, she helps squash those fears and that self-doubt that creeps up from time to time and will send you uplifting quotes or things that she thinks might help you. And if need be, she will lend you a boot in case you need a kick up your… behind.

Throw in the Akashic Records Reading, tarot and Reiki and I can honestly say that it has been an amazing spiritual journey in which I feel I have grown both as an author and a person.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to write better stories and find their path. I will definitely work with her again in the future and am already looking forward to it!

As a bonus, you get the occasional cat pictures, which is always a plus! Marielle is my absolute favorito coach from the few I have worked with, 10/10 would recommend!

Alma Noir

Mariëlle could not have been more supportive at guiding me through this process. I’m very ‘held back’ when it comes to spirituality, but I felt completely comfortable at every point. When describing my current blocks, I felt truly heard, no judgement and just absolute determination on Mariëlle’s part to try to get me the answers I was seeking.

The call I had with Mariëlle was validating, affirming and an absolute relief. Mariëlle gave me all the time we needed to go through everything, and constantly checked in that I was okay with what was coming up, reiterated what I was struggling to understand, and then guided me through resolutions.

I asked A LOT of questions in my form that I sent off before my session, and at no point did Mariëlle make me feel like it was ‘too much’. In fact, whereas I just wanted to give as much information as possible to my situation, Mariëlle used it as a bank of questions and spent what I imagine was a lot of time going through every single question/concern that I had laid out. When answers didn’t come, she looked for other phrasings to try and get as close to an answer as possible for me.

In my case, we also needed a short follow-up session, and even at this point, Mariëlle was still ‘all in’ and incredibly supportive with this – at no point did I ever feel like she wasn’t ‘on board’, and very much got the sense that everything she did for me came from a place of absolute care. Mariëlle really wants to help creatives through their blocks, and I felt this from her every step of the way. I foresee that I’m going to be returning to Mariëlle and her services throughout my life to dip into those ever pesky past blocks, or to tackle what comes up for me.

She is an incredibly gifted safe pair of hands, and generous with her abilities – I look forward to continuing to work together in the future, and wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is curious to give this a go – you will not regret it.

Makenna Guyler

When Mariëlle offered to do an Akashic reading for me I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was really excited all the same. On my own I’ve found a lot of insight with my tarot readings and have always been curious about my past lives (if I in fact had any).

During the time of the reading I felt optimistic and calm; content is a good word for it.

When the reading came through I was floored. Insight into what was holding me back, this inherited fear and trauma from past lives, where my creativity wasn’t welcomed… it opened up something inside me. Since getting this incredible insight from Mariëlle, I’ve done shadow work and consciously acted against the fears holding me back. Over the months since the reading, I’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough, including inspirational dreams and moments of clarity. I’ve recommended these readings to a few of my friends with no hesitation, for me it’s truly been transformative and I’ve been able to tackle my internal obstacles and embrace my writing with new vigour.

Jamie Sands

Your reading helped me enormously. I really had no clue what to expect. I read and digested your words, and every time, the reading made more sense. It uncovered a blockage I didn’t realize I had in regards to my author career. You put your finger on the issue, and I was able to take action to find my joy in writing again. As a result, I’ve been showing up every day since the reading, either writing, learning, or whatever it takes to inspire myself.

I’d highly recommend your knowledge and service to anybody who’s even a little curious. It’s entertaining, helpful, and enlightening.

Marion Hermannsen

The Akashic Records reading brought me more than I thought it would. It felt like an inner process that started when I filled out the question form on what I was struggling with creatively and what I wanted to learn from the reading. That forced me to start facing what is holding me back.

The reading went beyond answering the questions that I had: it gave me guidance, insight, and a much needed but very gentle push forward. During the reading I felt my energy shifting and a lot fell into place – a shift that I wouldn’t have been able to make on my own.

Even after the reading, the process continues with journalling questions that came through. I loved that Mariëlle recorded the session, so I could listen to the reading again, because it was a lot of information. I was a little apprehensive about the reading, because I didn’t know what to expect, but Mariëlle made me feel comfortable and ready to receive the messages she got.

Kirsten van Ierland

I’m still processing everything we discussed during my reading with Mariëlle, but wow. WOW. I feel like the universe has placed a hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Go and do the thing you were born to do’ … and I’m not even sure I believe in ‘the universe’ in that way!

I’m a sceptic, but I’m open minded – I don’t really care where the answers are coming from as long as I’m getting the right answers! And these felt like the right answers.

The whole experience was validating, comforting, and has given me some great pointers for how to develop the areas I need to… not to mention that it has aligned with so many other signs I can now see the universe was giving me. I already have ideas for other questions and topics I want to talk about for next time and the time after. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Clare Sager

I was fortunate enough to have an Akashic reading over Zoom with Mariëlle. This was my first experience with Akashic records, and Mariëlle providing all the information I needed without overwhelming me. She made the process gentle and welcoming, and I felt comfortable immediately.

The reading itself is something I keep coming back to months later. I didn’t have any expectations, but was still really impressed by what I heard. I have been struggling with a writing block, and Mariëlle’s reading provided me with a different perspective on how I approach it. I definitely recommend that anyone interested in getting an Akashic reading check out Mariëlle’s offerings. Doing this over Zoom did not make this experience any less personal.

Gillian St. Kevern

Mariëlle has done two Akashic records readings for me and both have been insightful, helpful, and timely. I appreciate her creativity and sensitivity in conducting the readings so that they are personalized while staying within ethical and respected traditions.

If you are looking for that window into a different perspective or trying to break through to that bit of insight that you know is ‘just beyond what I can figure out’, then one of Mariëlle’s readings may be for you, especially around creativity and personal development. I’ve found both of my readings from her to be excellent points from which to continue my own work through meditation, journally and practical steps.

This is no ‘voice of authority’ type reading, but rather a helping hand that returns one’s sovereignty to the self through perspective.

Bethany Tucker

Thank you very very much, dear Mariëlle, for my Akashic reading!

I read through my notes tonight and you gave me so much information, that I couldn’t keep up with my writing. I could barely read what I jotted down. So, so much information which made complete sense. Everything you told me felt right, even though I couldn’t always make sense of it in my mind. You gave me insight in (old) patterns, where they come from, what they look like now and not just that: you gave me useful tips and tricks about how I could work with them. You took your time doing the reading and afterwards while explaining to me what you had seen. No question was left unanswered and you made me feel like you had all the time in the world until I got from it what I needed. You don’t judge and made me feel safe and comfortable.

Would highly recommend to others who could use valuable insight in themselves ❤

Cynthia Hofstede

I am immensely grateful that I found Marielle and her work. I have purchased her books, follow her social media and podcasts, and had an Akashic Records reading. She genuinely wants to help people unleash their potential and achieve their goals. What sets Marielle apart is how she understands the spiritual aspect of creativity and how it interconnects with the process of writing.

For many years, I had a desire to write, but I felt stuck and didn’t know why. Through the Akashic Records reading, Marielle pinpointed the exact causes, unraveled the secrets of the past and present, and gave me the tools I needed to move forward. It wasn’t just general information. She delved into very specific events, emotions, and patterns that were holding me back. Her reading was spot on and the proof was in the details!

I would recommend Marielle to anyone who is struggling with their creative process and needs answers. I truly believe that she is a gift from the Universe and am grateful to have crossed paths with her and look forward to continuing this journey of self-discovery with her guidance.

Heather Largent

When Mariëlle offered to read my Akashic records, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for, but I trusted her, so why not? I remember discussing doing the reading as a podcast, and as we tend to be honest anyway, it felt like more of what we were already doing, so I said yes.

I filled out a simple form, and Mariëlle did her thing. Then came the tricky part, where she explained my blocks and the reasons for them.

Everything Mariëlle said resonated with me. I might not be ready to handle everything she told me, but I have incorporated some of the guidance into my life. If you are open to making changes or have a specific struggle that you want to deal with, ask for a reading. It will give you clarity and direction.

Lucinda Pebre