Anyone can write diverse characters

Happy Monday!

We might no longer be doing the Doing Diversity in Writing podcast, but that doesn’t make the episodes we produced any less relevant. If you haven’t listened to the three seasons we put out yet, here’s your chance.

You can find the Doing Diversity in Writing podcast here or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts. The full show notes and list of resources mentioned in this episode can be found here.

In this first episode of Doing Diversity in Writing, we talked about why we started this podcast, what our goals are for the show, and what topics we will be discussing in our first season and beyond.
Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • who this podcast is for—fiction writers wanting to write characters who aren’t like them in one or multiple ways
  • our personal experiences with diversity and how these influenced both our writing and editing
  • why we need to have a conversation about writing diversity in fiction
  • why we believe anyone can write about diverse characters
  • the privilege of not having to care about diversity and why this is exactly why you should take up your pen and join the cause
  • how our podcast will help you work through any fears around writing diverse characters you may have

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