365 Days of Gratitude

The 365 Days of Gratitude Journal is now inviting members to its ARC and launch teams!

My second journal will be published on 1 September 2020 and I’m now inviting sign-ups to my ARC and launch teams.

If you want to receive a free PDF of my upcoming 365 Days of Gratitude Journal before it’s officially published, read on!

ARC team

Advanced Readers receive an A(dvanced) R(eader) C(opy) of the book to be published. In exchange, they provide feedback on the material before publication (from content comments to pointing out typos) and leave a review of the book wherever they can (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.), preferably on the day the book is launched.

Launch team

Members of the launch team help out mostly during the launch period. They are the ones making noise, for example by sharing social media posts about the upcoming book, and so on.

Because a free copy of the book is provided to members of both teams, members of the launch team often fulfil the role of Advanced Reader as well.

OK, so what do I get?

A free PDF of the journal, plus an awful lot of karma points and my eternal (not just 365 days of it!) gratitude.

What do I give in return?

There are many things members of either team can do, and over the past year I’ve been surprised by the creative ways some of my team members helped spreading the word about my books.

As I mentioned, Advanced Readers usually:

  • Give feedback before the book is published.
  • Leave a review of the book once it’s published.

If you don’t have Amazon or Goodreads, you can publish the review on my Facebook page.

The launch team usually:

  • Shares my social media posts before and after publication.
  • Shares the graphics I send on their walls, Twitter feed, Instagram, in their Facebook groups, etc.

What more could I do, if I wanted to?

In the past, my team members came up with the following:

  • They interviewed me for their blogs or on their podcasts or arranged interviews on those of people they know.
  • They mentioned my work in their newsletters.
  • They published reviews on their blogs.
  • They created video reviews.
  • They did a Facebook live.
  • They allowed me to interview them about how my work has influenced their lives.
  • They used my work in their reading or writing groups.

Of course, none of these are a requisite. These are just ideas in case you decide to join (one of) my teams and want to get creative.

Sounds great, I’m in! Where do I sign up?

The first full draft of 365 Days of Gratitude should be finished no later than 1 June 2020. To sign up for (one of) the teams and get your free PDF, fill out the form below.

I want to be on your ARC team
I want to be on your launch team!
I want to be on both teams!

I read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy at the bottom of the page.

The more the merrier, so if you know anyone who would make a great team member, please drop them the link to this page.