Calm and quiet? February was anything but calm and quiet! And here I was thinking January was crazy… Apparently, signalling to the universe your schedule is becoming less hectic results in receiving email after email from people needing your help, pronto. I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t dare… I’m rather relishing the fact that I’m pretty much booked up until the end of May 🙂

So what have I been up to in this short month?

Projects done

After finishing the edits of the thriller I started working on in January (my NaNoWriMo giveaway, remember?), I started on the development edit of a trilogy. We’re still trying to pinpoint the exact genre, but the first book takes place in the Alaskan wild, including spectacular views, a few encounters with bears (and wolves!), and quite a few odd characters. The view from my office includes concrete buildings and a parking lot, so it won’t come as a surprise I couldn’t stop imagining what it’d be like to set up office in a more remote area of the world.

I’ve also started on the next draft of my own manuscript. Read More →