Blurb Writing 1:1

Blurb writing stinks.

There, I said it. It’s hard. It makes us miserable. And yet it’s vital to get it right.


Because a stunning cover that fits your genre is only step one. It makes potential buyers click on or pick up your book. But, it’s not why they buy.

They buy because your blurb convinced them this is the book they need right now.

I’m no cover designer, so I can’t make your book stand out. But I can help you write a blurb that sells.

 I so enjoyed the process because I learnt so much

Instead of simply receiving something back in an email, I was able to ensure my words and phrases were used and so the blurb fitted my language. Because I was learning the skills needed, I was able to go back to my other books and recraft those blurbs too!

Blurb Writing 1:1

How would you like a one on one with someone who actually knows how to write book descriptions? To see yours being revised live on the screen, showing you the tricks of the trade as they’re being applied?

I’ve spent two years as a copy-writer for an independent publishing house, revising blurb after blurb after blurb. Last year, I took all that experience to develop Blurb Writing 1:1, a service that does not only deliver better blurbs but also shows you how it’s done.

And that for only €99.

How does Blurb Writing 1:1 work?

Through video conferencing, where we discuss and rewrite your blurb together.

Being in the same digital space:

  • allows me to ask questions about your work wherever I see a gap;
  • ensures that your new blurb still reflects your voice and the tone and content of your work; and
  • enables me to share my screen with you, so you’ll see exactly what I’m rewriting as I explain the why behind my actions.

This personalised approach does not only get you a better blurb, it also teaches you a skill you can then apply to your other books.

In the course of an hour, we produced a blurb I’m excited to publish

I’m one of those authors who has read multiple books on writing blurbs and book descriptions, written and published a few myself, and still felt lost and at loose ends when it came to designing effective ad copy for my books. But….in the course of an hour, Mariëlle listened to me, took time to understand my voice and my book, and produced, with me, a blurb that I’m not only happy with, but excited to publish.

A 90-day tweak period

Because writing is never final, Blurb Writing 1:1 comes with a 90-day tweak period. If the blurb isn’t living up to your expectations (or that of your readers), we can have another look.

Likewise, if you have an ‘Aha!’ moment after our meeting and want me to go over your blurb again, even if only for a quick proofread, I’ll happily oblige.

To sum it up

Blurb Writing 1:1:

  • takes a personal approach,
  • gets you a better blurb that fully matches your voice,
  • comes with a 60–90-minute video call,
  • shows you the tricks of the trade, and
  • offers a 90-day tweak period,

all for €99.

It was amazing how quickly she was able to see where I’d missed golden opportunities

Mariëlle worked in collaboration with me for over an hour on my book blurb. It was amazing how quickly she was able to see where I’d missed golden opportunities in enticing in my reader, giving them a feel for the book and leave them wanting to start reading!

Want to tackle more than one blurb?

Two blurb package

Over two separate video calls, we’ll rewrite two of your blurbs together.

Rate: €159

Three blurb package

Over three separate video calls, we’ll rewrite three of your blurbs together.

Rate €199


To see some examples of blurbs I’ve worked on, please have a look at this and this blog post, in which I offer a Blurb Writing 1:1 behind the scenes.

Sometimes, you just need someone to take you by the hand

This was the personal touch to blurb writing and one-on-one education that I thrive on. There’s so much mass education out there, and I’ve consumed a lot of it, but sometimes, you just need someone to take you by the hand. Mariëlle can do that, all the while educating you to learn how to do it for yourself.

How do I book a spot?

  1. Send an email to, including your preferred time frame for the video conference and your original blurb (so I can sneak a peek).
  2. Once we’ve set a date, I will send you an invoice.
  3. Once payment has cleared, I will send you the copy form, which is to be completed a week prior to our meeting.

And that’s it. We’ll have our meeting, we’ll revise your blurb, which you then get to test. If something comes up in the next 90 days, I’ll be here to edit or tweak your blurb some more.

Please note: by paying the invoice, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions.