Happy February!

I’ve been doing so much this past month, I couldn’t even tell you whether January felt longer or not. It might have been though, looking at everything I got out of the way!

I hadn’t planned for these two to be up and running yet, but here we are: I finished the Get Out of Your Own Way Starter Kit, which you can get for free when subscribing to my newsletter (there, on the right).

I also managed to launch a new author service: Blurb Writing 1:1. I’ve spent the last two years as a copywriter for an independent publishing house and I now feel ready to share my skills with all of you.

How about you? Did you survive January the way you intended?

How are your goals doing thus far? Are you on it or have you given up already (in which case, get back on that horse!)?

If you’re still feeling those January blues, I have a great interview lined up for you. Anna and Lucinda are the hosts of Diving into Writing, and their podcast might just be what you need to get that inspiration back.Read More →