I really enjoyed working together with Mariëlle and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an editor. In a stressful period, it was a relief to work together with someone like Mariëlle, who gives constructive feedback and thinks along whenever I had to deal with questions of style or content. Her work is very thorough and precise, exactly what I needed. I am especially impressed by the way she managed to improve the clarity of my text, while always staying close to my own writing. Her flexibility and clear communication are also a great plus.

Merel de Buck, the Netherlands

It was a joy to work with Mariëlle as a language editor for my PhD thesis. Her meticulous and always constructive feedback, as well as her promptness and flexibility meant that the editing process felt like a welcome support to my work. Her feedback was consistently respectful of my voice and argumentation as an author. Even at the sentence level, corrections and suggestions were thoughtfully formulated to support the larger meaning I wanted to convey in the thesis as a whole. Also, her extensive knowledge of a range of referencing styles helped me choose the style that worked best for me and correctly apply it to various unusual sources. Highly recommended!

Heleen Schols, the Netherlands

I can highly recommend Mariëlle Smith’s academic English editing services. She was very flexible and clear in the planning and process. Whereas the text was unclear, she discussed this with me and always attended to the original meaning and flow of the text. It was an asset that she also speaks Dutch and could improve some translations of quotes from Dutch to English in my text. Next time I will use her services again. Thanks, Mariëlle!

Kathrine van den Bogert, the Netherlands

What can I say about Mariëlle? She a gem, an angel! I worked with Mariëlle by trying a ‘Pay Want You Can’ session. Coming to her I was very insecure of about my writing but finally ready to ask someone for help. After that first session with her, I finally felt like I had found someone who gets me, whether it was about the troubles that were causing my writing difficulties or my need to better myself as a writer, Mariëlle understood. The work she gives you may not always be easy, but it helps you so much. I feel like I’ve already grown leaps and bounds from that initial session with Mariëlle. She has got your back.

As I‘ve continued to have sessions with her, I find myself always elated to get back to working on whatever she has got me doing, and my own projects. It’s an awesome sort of high that seems to last throughout the day which always leaves me feeling motivated and productive. She will help you dig deep, so you can discover the blocks that are stopping you from getting things done. Working with Mariëlle is the best investment I‘ve ever made for myself as a writer. Try a session with her, I swear you won‘t be disappointed.
Tara Stiles, Canada

Mariëlle is the reason my latest book has greater depth (and no wayward commas, which I tend to fling about like a maniac). Working with her was a brilliant exercise in self-awareness. She held my feet to the fire without burning my toes, and asked questions that made me think about the vulnerable stuff that lay behind my initial words. She is my manuscript whisperer!

Sondra Turnbull, the Netherlands

Working with Mariëlle was amazing. I was in a super lost/not sure where I wanted to take myself in my author journey. I knew I needed to listen to my own voice, but with so many other voices out there I didn’t know how to logically get where I knew I needed too. Mariëlle totally got my issue and talked me through what I needed until things finally clicked for me. She also sent a few worksheets for me to keep listening to my own voice. Very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help me.

Amy Tasukada, the United States

Amy was also kind enough to leave me a YouTube review!

In working together with Mariëlle on a coaching workshop for professionals, we’ve reached deep insights by exchanging views and using each others skills. And – very important – we have fun. It was an inspiration to work with her, so if you’ve been brainstorming a workshop or what have you and want to collaborate with someone who will take your project to the next level, I really recommend her.

Sabine Mira Ferrer, the Netherlands 

I asked for Marielle’s help with brainstorming my third novel. After only a one hour session, I was clearer than ever in the direction I needed to take my MS in. Her ideas and suggestions were very creative allowing me to steer my novel to new—and better—heights. I am forever grateful for her help!

Selina Felix, United Kingdom

Mariëlle agreed to proofread an article for me at very short notice and she has done an amazing job. She has been very cooperative with regard to my tense schedule. She is meticulous and has reliably detected all inconsistencies and fixed my grammar. She gently offered advice and changes when I (as a non-native English speaker) seemed to have picked an odd expression and respectfully dealt with specificities in style and language that were important to me or my field. It has been a pleasure to work with her!

Eike Marten, Germany

With the right editor, those first steps are so much easier to take. Thank you, Mariëlle, for your patience, and for your hard work.

Andrea Demetrius, Spain

Most fabulous, awe inspiring editor!!!! She takes the raw and shapes it into what you always wanted to say—only better!

Sherrie McCarthy, Canada 

Highly recommend Mariëlle! Her notes were so helpful, confirming many of my own concerns but it was the Skype session where I was really able to brainstorm with her and ‘fix’ some of the issues. She is so thoughtful and is WELL worth the investment for any writer.

Tiffany Tripson, the United States

The editing work of Mariëlle was swift, to the point and accurate. Exactly what you need when a journal deadline is racing towards you in full speed.

Kobe de Keer, the Netherlands

You’ll get more than notes in a void. With this service you’ll actually get someone who’ll be a collaborator with your work, who cares about the narrative.

Antoine Bandele, the United States

Mariëlle translated our website text and we’re very happy with the results. She was fast, precise and very helpful: even when we wanted to make some changes in her text (due to our own creative process), she was very supportive.

André Weenink, Being A Designer, the Netherlands

I’ve been working with Mariëlle for near a year now. Her work with my manuscript and advice is priceless. She’s prompt in response even though we live several time zones apart.

Sìne Màiri Ni Ailpin, Canada

I won Marielle’s services through a blog contest she ran for camp nanowrimo. This was my first time using editing services of any kind so I came into the process with wide eyes and an open mind. While I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect, I was not disappointed. It was a joy to work with Marielle. Her pleasant personality and professionalism put me at ease right away, helping me to really enjoy my editing experience. I found her critique of my novel to be honest and insightful. She picked out the strengths as well as the weaknesses which gave me a more focused direction to tighten my plot and character developments. Her inline edits pointed out where I was heading in the right direction as well as highlighting areas of question. All in all, I found her services to be concise, fair, and extremely helpful. I absolutely have plans to use her services again in the future.

Desiree Donohue, the United States

Mariëlle did a pass on a short story I wrote. I was floored by the extent and depth of her feedback. I’d add a list of positive adverbs and adjectives to describe her excellent work, but I know she’d just tell me to cut them. (She’d also make me cut that ‘just’ from the last sentence but since this is my review it stays.) She has a great eye for both the high level developmental needs of a story that can be hard to pin down and the line by line details that we tend to overlook even after multiple rewrites. I look forward to Mariëlle whipping my novels into shape and know that her insight and feedback will be invaluable. Thanks Mariëlle. – Rob

Rob Laman, Canada

Mariëlle worked on my Research Master Thesis for the University of Utrecht. She was amazing to work with because she explained, in an accessible and efficient way, how to be aware of errors that are made throughout the writing process. She has formulated a custom-made editing system for my specific needs. This has proven to be an incredibly valuable and useful system for getting my thesis to a required master level. Her interdisciplinary experience in several academic fields make her contributions and feedback very valuable. I am proud of the work I have delivered by implementing Mariëlle’s editing advise. I have enjoyed working with Mariëlle and I will definitely consult her in the future.

Emilie van Heydoorn, the Netherlands

Mariëlle delivered a full developmental edit on my cozy mystery MURDER ON LOAN this past winter. When I sent it to her, I knew it had problems— there were places in the manuscript that didn’t work. I probably could have fiddled with it by myself for another year, but I’d have lost a year and still not articulated the problems as well as Mariëlle did. Her evaluation clarified my next steps, and it helped me understand why some things weren’t working in the novel. She asked thoughtful questions throughout the manuscript which guided my revisions. I have been overwhelmed in revision in the past, but this time, in just a few months of revision I am almost finished with a third draft and moving forward in the process much faster than ever before. I am so thankful to have found a strong, responsive, and invaluable developmental editor in Mariëlle. I will definitely be hiring her again.

Sue Larkins Weems, the United States

Mariëlle worked on my PhD dissertation and she was just the perfect language editor. She’s meticulous in her corrections as much as respectful of the text and its author. She pays extreme attention to details while at the same time taking great care of the meaning that I, as author, wanted to convey. So, her perfectionism was never imposed on the text at the expense of its nuances. The fact that she is entirely familiar with my field of academic research (gender studies, postcolonial studies, critical theory) certainly helped, together with her ethics and expertise as editor. Thanks for your work!

Gianmaria Colpani, Italy

What is the top priority of a relationship between myself, the author, and my editor? Everything! Marielle is the perfect editor for me. She knows her craft. My three book series needed help in the story structure. Marielle did the developmental edit for each book and for the series overall. Her suggestions have been spot on. She has helped tighten my story and how I tell it by keeping me on track and consistent in my voice. Good job there, thanks! Her communication has been outstanding. She’s always been timely and quick to answer any of my questions. Just as important to me is her sense of humor. She understands. One of my original concerns was my writing in American English and Marielle is in the Netherlands. No worries, she is proficient – way ahead of me. All in all, I’m a very happy camper. I look forward to a long relationship with her in my camp and hoping she’ll stay with me through my writing career.

Randy L. Scott, the United States

Plot holes are a thing of the past when I work with Mariëlle. She edited my book Murder in Triangle City and I hired her for the entire subsequent trilogy, that’s how good her eye for story is. She is my company’s only developmental editor and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my books.

Ric Beard, the United States

I wholeheartedly recommend M.S. Wordsmith. It’s not just that Mariëlle provides good and efficient editing within the academic sphere. I find it particularly pleasant that she is respectful in regards to the texts, and the thoughts and desires of her customers. She’s able to be empathetic and deliver relevant critical comments at the same time.

Yolanda van Tilborgh, the Netherlands

I am also very much indebted to Mariëlle Smith, who edited the entire manuscript (except for this paragraph!) in the space of a few weeks. The quality of the English prose has been significantly enhanced through her meticulous work. Furthermore, as a native Dutch speaker, she found many great solutions for translations of my respondents’ often idiosyncratic phrasing.

Marcel van den Haak, the Netherlands, in the Acknowledgements section of his dissertation

What I love about working with Mariëlle on my project (a novel) is that she understands where you want to go with it. She has the ability to immerse herself in your work and treat it as she would her own work—with respect and enthusiasm—while she doesn’t shrink back to ask all the right questions and give clear and constructive feedback. She really joins you on your way to the final version that you envision for yourself.

Kathelijne Schoonackers, the Netherlands

I worked with M.S. Wordsmith in 2015, when finishing my Master Thesis at the University of Utrecht. As English is not my native language, my supervisors recommended me to work with an editor in order to polish my language. Thanks to friends at the University, I got Mariëlle Smith’s contact details. Apart from her great feedback and constructive corrections during my final phase of thesis writing, I am extremely grateful for her positive, attentive attitude, which I urgently needed in this phase. Her feedback was direct, incredibly fast, and perfect at the same time. I particularly appreciated her attention to my mixture of German and English. Working with M.S. Wordsmith was different than working with other editors. Mariëlle gave me the impression that she cared about me, my work, and the authenticity of my language. Thank you!

Barbara Grabher, Germany

Mariëlle is very quick and accurate in checking academic work. Although she, at first, was only going to do a spelling check, Mariëlle also looked at the structure of my thesis and, where necessary, gave feedback on the content from a scientific perspective. When writing your own thesis, sooner or later you have to deal with the ‘tunnel vision’ syndrome. Mariëlle, from her own perspective, has provided a fresh look on my own written work. Her constructive criticism gave me new insights, and she always explained why her small improvements to my work were relevant and would add value. Mariëlle’s scientific insights and knowledge are a quality that helped me enormously to reach a good end result.

Jeroen Walraven, the Netherlands

Working with Mariëlle is like making your way along a path in the dark and suddenly being handed a light. Obstacles, road blocks, and pitfalls that were lying ahead and waiting to trip you up are illuminated. More importantly, all the possible ways to overcome them, as well as new and exciting paths you wouldn’t otherwise have seen also become visible. She doesn’t tell you what to write; she asks the right questions to get you to figure out what your story needs and how to go about it. She’s also helped me work out a writing schedule personally tailored to my needs and held me accountable—exactly what I needed. Working with Mariëlle motivates me and gets me excited to write.

Michelle Anne Laurie, United Kingdom

I write blogs for my own website and, at first, I had no idea how to put the information I had in my head on the page in a coherent way. Mariëlle really helped me with finding my own style, and structuring and putting together a story, whether it was personal or informative. In the meantime, I have started to write articles for magazines, so you could say I found my voice!

Denise de With, the Netherlands

Marielle worked fast and her language editing was thorough and careful. Her knowledge of my academic field (gender studies) was an added benefit, as she was able to spot the misspelling of an author’s name. I really appreciate that, next to correcting mistakes in the text itself, she provided an overview of repeated spelling mistakes and explained the rules behind them. This approach allows you to actually ‘learn from your mistakes’ and hopefully avoid them in the future.

Katrine Smiet, the Netherlands

Mariëlle Smith is an incredibly fine and clear translator. She reads up on the topic well, and is therefore greatly connected to the material. She tunes in to the author in a very considerate way. When she encounters something in the text that is not entirely clear, she will reach out via e-mail. In that, she is very concrete and elaborates on the different options for translation. As such, it is easy for the author to relate to the text and reach the correct translation. She works smoothly and accurately and is not afraid to be corrected. She is great in thinking along, and come up with new, inspiring suggestions in the event of alterations. Her use of language is beautiful. Very well recommended!

Frouk Riemersma, the Netherlands