Wild Violet series

In 2018, I started co-writing a romance series with a dear friend. On the 22nd of June, 2019 (yes, that’s my birthday!), we published our very first book in the series.

If you want to learn more about our pen name or want to read the first few chapters of our books for free, go check out our author page.

Too Good to Be True?

It’s one thing to go on a family holiday, but quite another if you’ve just been dumped.

When it’s time for their annual family trip, Effie’s heart is still in a thousand pieces. No matter what her sister says, hooking up with someone new is the last thing on her mind. What she needs instead is the peace and quiet to finally start writing that book that’s been on the back-burner for years.

As soon as they arrive in Cyprus though, her eyes fall on Jess, an enigmatic bartender who ticks more of Effie’s boxes than her ex-girlfriend ever did. And the feeling seems mutual.

Effie’s set to keep things fun and light, but her attraction to Jess is more unnerving than she cares to admit. What if all this is too good to be true? Should Effie back away from this potential fling rather than risk more heartbreak?

If you love your sexy, seaside fun with a healthy dash of Scottish wit, Too Good to Be True? will keep you coming back for more.

Where There’s a Will

Have you really moved on if you keep looking back?

Jess had just been a holiday fling – someone to get Effie out of her post-dumped funk. A few moments of bliss on the island of love, that was all.

Effie has a new life now. She’s finally writing, and dating a woman who gives her the kindness and support her ex never could. Although Jess helped her find this life, Effie knows there’s no place for her in it. So why can’t she get Jess out of her head?

A funeral in their Scottish hometown brings Effie and Jess together again. Effie tries to avoid contact, but it soon becomes clear that what they had going on in Cyprus is still there. But just because they both have the will to rekindle it doesn’t mean there’s a way. Does it?

Set in chilly Scotland, this sexy romance novella will warm your heart in no time.

There’s a Way

Is the third time really a charm?

Effie now knows the long-distance thing isn’t for her. And Jess knows it too. It’s no wonder they lost touch so soon after meeting in Scotland.

Having finally embraced that living on opposite ends of Europe isn’t sustainable, Effie is ready to go back out there and meet someone new. On her own turf. But then an unexpected envelope arrives, announcing she’s going back to Cyprus to participate in a writer’s retreat. For four weeks.

Reconnecting with Jess is wonderful at first, but then Effie’s doubts kick in. That they both want it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be. Sometimes, there being a will just isn’t enough. Besides, does Jess even want the same as her?

When handed the opportunity to finally create a way, will Effie step up and do what it takes to get Jess and her that happy ending?

Set in sunny Cyprus, There’s a Way proves that Cyprus truly is the island of love.