Tarot for Creatives

Connect to your intuition and claim back that creative spark!

Once again, writing coach Mariëlle S. Smith has created the perfect book for creative entrepreneurs looking for guidance on their creative path.

Tarot for Creatives: 21 Tarot Spreads to (Re)Connect to Your Intuition and Ignite That Creative Spark features twenty-one straightforward spreads to get writers and other creatives back on track and in touch with their muses, covering the following topics and more:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Creative roadblocks
  • Creative strengths and weaknesses
  • Nurturing the muse
  • Which direction to take
  • Your soul’s calling
  • How to get your groove back

If you’re ready to (re)connect to your intuition and (re)claim that creative spark, wait no longer and pick up your copy of Tarot for Creatives today.

The spreads featured in this book can be done using any kind of divination system, whether tarot, oracle, or angel cards, crystals, runes, and so on.

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