Pre-NaNoWriMo Discount – 40% off of all Outline Critiques in October

‘I got so much more than I paid for! 5 ***** on a 4-star scale.’

NaNoWriMo is around the corner, everyone! Can you believe it’s only 31 days until kick-off? So, are you busting your ass on getting that outline written so that you can make that daily 1667 word count when the time comes? Good! Now, how are you going to make sure your outline is truly ready when November 1st knocks on your door?

This month, I’m offering a 40% discount on Basic Outline Critiques and Outline Critiques Plus. That’s right, 40% off!

So what are Outline Critiques? And why would you need one?

Outline Critique

An outline critique is the first professional step you can take. Instead of looking at a full manuscript after it is written, feedback is provided on an extensive outline of a maximum of 10,000 words. This way, you can make sure your ideas are promising and your outline is fleshed out before writing the first draft. This will make you a faster writer.

Basic Outline Critique

A basic outline critique provides my initial impressions of the text or story, detailed comments on aspects including plot, characters, twists, setting, clues, and more, and thoughts and tips on how the text or story could be developed further.

Regular rate: €219
Pre-NaNoWriMo October rate: €129

All rates are ex. 21% Dutch sales tax.

Outline Critique Plus

An outline critique plus gets you all of the above, plus a one-hour review call to discuss the critique.

Regular rate: €259
Pre-NaNoWriMo October rate: €155

All rates are ex. 21% Dutch sales tax.

Outline Critiques have a 1-week turnaround. To book your spot or get more information, email me at

What other clients say about my Outline Critique service

I was putting together a story with one of those twists that, if I got it right, would win me a lot of crosstalk between readers. To work out the intricacies, I asked Mariëlle to do an Outline Critique Plus. I got so much more than I paid for! The critique included ideas about character development, solidifying my story arc, and how to better set up my scenes so that the twist really popped. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I drafted the book a third faster than I would have if her suggestions hadn’t given me the confidence they did. 5 ***** on a 4-star scale.

Ric Beard, author of the Earth’s Ashes Series

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