Speak Your Truth

It’s time to speak your truth.

You know it, your cards know it, even your pet rat knows it.

You ‘just’ need to figure out what it is and what has kept you from speaking it sooner.

Enter Speak Your Truth: A 31-Day Tarot Challenge for Writers and Other Creatives. The tool you need to uncover your truth, understand what’s been blocking it, and unlearn the behaviours that have kept you from speaking up.

In her fourth tarot challenge, writer, editor and writing coach Mariëlle S. Smith zooms in on one of the greatest creative struggles of all time. Asking about the what’s, when’s, how’s and why’s of this struggle, she has created a safe space where you can sit with and learn from your answers.

Ready to dive deep and embrace your truth once and for all? Get your copy of Speak Your Truth now.

The Speak Your Truth challenge can be done using any kind of divination system, whether tarot, oracle, or angel cards, crystals, runes, and so on.

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