Tarot for Entrepreneurs

‘How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.’ —Yvon Chouinard

Run your business from the heart!

Tarot for Entrepreneurs: 50 Tarot Spreads and Other Intentional Practices to Build Your Business and Tackle Its Challenges from the Heart is the ideal tool for business owners – small and big – who want to lead heart-centred businesses.

The card spreads included in Tarot for Entrepreneurs cover, amongst other topics:

  • Finding our ideal client
  • How to step into the light
  • Changing our limiting money stories
  • Selling ourselves without selling our soul
  • Honouring our boundaries
  • How to choose love over fear
  • When to call it quits

Amongst the other practices included in the book are a candle spell for sovereignty, tips and tricks on how to cleanse workspaces, and ways to start and end each workday with intention.

Mariëlle S. Smith is a writer, editor, and writing coach. As an entrepreneur, she knows how easy it is to slip into fear and lose sight of oneself. She created Tarot for Entrepreneurs to help fellow business owners tune (back) in to their true selves so they can make their business decisions from the heart.

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The spreads featured in Tarot for Entrepreneurs can be done using any kind of divination system, whether tarot, oracle, or angel cards, crystals, runes, and so on.

The publication of this book would not have been possible without the support of those who backed my Tarot for Entrepreneurs Kickstarter campaign. My eternal gratitude goes out to the following people and every backer who wished to remain anonymous:

Myriam, Ember Kley Taylor, Lisa Kelly-Mulhern, Winnie, Viannah E. Duncan, Michelle Blanchard, DY, Amy Teegan, Clarissa Gosling, Stefanie Peeters, Joanne Wolf, Bethany Tucker, Alma Noir, Tammy Sanders, Karen Guyler, Pamela Cummins, Kenneth E Baker, Saleh M. Abdullah, Loren Morris, Ashlie Wittenmyer, Amy Dunaway, Miranda Forner, Nijeara “Ny” Buie, Billy Jo Ayakatubby, Tanya Michelle, Lee Nielsen, Eddy Pierre, Melri Nightwind, Derek Murphy, Cheenah, Wendy Sánchez, Kate Sheeran Swed, Jimmy Ray Tyner 3rd, Emily Rousell, Mary Collin, Linda Rodríguez, Maria A.

I truly can’t thank you enough for making my dreams happen.